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People-Prime Consulting Group (PCG) is an Organization & Talent Management Consulting Firm established in 2002, and based in Jakarta - Indonesia. Powered with a team consisting of Management & HR Consultants, Qualified Assessors, and HR Practitioners with a total of 15 consultants and 30 associates; all having expertise and a wide range of experiences in assisting companies of a large variety of business categories and industries/sectors, such as government institutions, state-owned companies, national private companies, multinational companies, NGO, and many others. 

 PCG assists clients to improve their working performance, optimally achieve the objectives as well as to enhance the decision making capability, mostly in the areas of Organization Development, Competency Based Human Resources Management System, Talent Development & Management, and Human Resources Services

PCG assists clients in designing, developing and partnering through the implementation process of organizational structure and HR management system. Our expertise in consulting area are, among others : 
  • Visioning & development of HR mission & strategy 
  • Organization and HR management system audit 
  • Organization structure 
  • Job Design/Job Family 
  • Workload analysis 
  • Manpower Planning 
  • Job Evaluation 
  • Job Grade 
  • Reward Management 
  • Performance Management 
  • Competency Modeling 
  • Career Management 
  • To develop company regulation and HR-related policies 
  • Competency-based development programs 
  • Integrated, competency-based, HR management system 
Search Prime

Talent Search is one of PCG business unit engaged in the executive search. With our expertise in the area of recruitment and selection, and supported by PCG talent database, we provide talents for your company that meet your criteria on time. We deliver this service for broad range of positions level, including Senior Staff, Engineers, Specialist, Supervisors, Manager up to Director, in various industries. Our fee for the service is between 20% - 25% of the Take Home Pay (the total amount of fixed cash income in a year).  
To assist in searching, identifying and assessing the right candidates of all levels who best match their competency profiles with the organizational needs, requirements and culture.   
We guarantee that all candidates have undergone thorough assessment and reference checking. We will provide a replacement candidate at no cost, should the originally hired candidate voluntarily resign from the company within three (3) months from the date of employment. The client should provide a written notice of resignation of the hired candidate to our Talent Search Division within one (1) month from its effective date. This guarantee is only applicable after settlement of all invoices within terms of payment.  The guarantee will only apply once, thus it does not valid for second replacement candidate. We will not deliver any replacement if the case that any hired candidate is terminated by the client under any circumstance. 
Talent Development Center

Talent Development Center or TDC focuses on “talents” assessment and development activities. The following are services offered by TDC:
  • “Recruitment Processing Outsource” 
  • Competency-based assessment 
  • Staff Level Sub-Department Head/ Specialist Level 
  • Departement Head/ Specialist Level 
  • Division Head/ Specialist Level 
  • Head of Directorate
  • Competency-based development program 
  • Public Trainig Program 
  • In-House Training Program 
  • Inline with company’s competency model, as well as competency gap.

We provide payroll services to our clients, that include salary administration (calculation of salaries and taxes) and proper reporting associated with it.

Currently, we manage more than 10 companies nationwide, and two companies located outside Indonesia.  
The benefits of PCG payroll service : 
  • The Payroll function is performed entirely by PCG, so that the clients is not required to provide a dedicated Payroll Staff. 
  • Salary data is maintained in strictest confidentiality because the payroll process (calculation, payment and reporting) is performed by PCG.
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